WATCH: Baseball coach Rich Donnelly and “the chicken runs at midnight”


Coincidence? Or something else? Watch the “miracle” that brought this man back to his Catholic faith.

“The chicken runs at midnight” became the family motto of Major League baseball coach Rich Donnelly, based on something his daughter said to him as a joke before she passed away of a brain tumor. Four years after she died, Donnelly finally made it to the World Series coaching the Florida Marlins. It was the bottom of the 11th inning in game 7 and  the Marlins’ Craig Counsell stepped up to the plate. Donnelly’s kids had always called Counsell “chicken” because of how he flapped his arms when he hit. After sending the ball down the field, Counsell advanced to third base which set the stage for a dramatic World Series win. It was then that Donnelly noticed something that ended up bringing him back to his faith.