Christmas Reflections: Letting the sometimes anticlimactic Christmas season sink in


Watch and pray with a new original song and meditation from The Vigil Project

The Vigil Project recently released their sixth original song for the Advent and Christmas season. The song, featuring Greg&Lizzy, is entitled “You Gave Us Your Love.” Greg Boudreaux, of Greg & Lizzy, shared a reflection with the song, noting the sort of anticlimactic nature of the Christmas season. The big day came and went on the 25th, and now we’re back to work and everyday life. Greg writes:

I sincerely feel like the Lord is inviting me, inviting us, to realize more fully exactly what he has given us. It’s not something that we can fully appreciate when we first unwrap it.

God has given us the ultimate give: the gift of himself. Whether we know it or not, he has given us more than we were hoping for and more than we could have ever known to ask for. Let it sink in for a minute, we’ve heard it a thousand times, but have we received it?

Lizzy and I have realized two things about our new little baby Molly since she arrived:

1. She’s real. She’s here; she’s flesh and blood and blue eyes and an endless stream of dirty diapers. In a beautiful way this love that we’ve shared for years now is suddenly not just an intangible reality but one that is living and breathing…one that literally has a name.

2. She’s changed everything. There is nothing, or very close to nothing about our lives that is the same anymore. Molly has changed what we think about, what we talk about, how we spend our time, what we worry about, what we dream about and plan for in the future, and on and on.

Perhaps we can consider this Christmas season that what we’ve received in the gift of God’s own Son is not just a nostalgic story or another year of delight (or disappointment). What we’ve received is the gift of a person who is real and who changes everything. God’s love for us isn’t invisible or intangible anymore…it has a name, and his name is Jesus.

This love is the gift that has power and changes everything about our lives. All the things we think can never be saved, all the darkness that we think no light can penetrate, all the wounds, the sorrows, and the disappointments…this is where he desires to come, this is where he desires to be born.

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