WATCH: Andrea Bocelli gives poor children the gift of music


The “Voices of Haiti” choir brings hope and beauty to young Haitian students

Music is the light in our soul that makes all our senses feel in harmony with nature and makes us alive every single moment we remember our existence in this world. – Andrea Bocelli

“Voices of Haiti” is a choir of 60 children who range in age from 9 to 15 and come from economically disadvantaged communities. The Andrea Bocelli Foundation is introducing music to 30 schools supported by the St. Luc Foundation which allow students the exposure to art and culture, and to give them opportunities to learn and to perform.

“Through music, the students have been able to find a way to consolidate discipline, cooperation, and have moved away from the misery brought on by the grip of poverty. Music becomes an additional means for social and intellectual development, not only personal, but for entire communities,” said Bocelli on the project’s website.

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