Krakow set to host John Paul II musical “Karol”


Pop-rock musical will follow the entire life of John Paul II, including both the serious and the playful


Several months ago, the Tauron Arena in Krakow was transformed into the Mercy Centre for World Youth Day, drawing in hundreds of thousands of young people for catechesis and a night of worship, which has been called “a glimpse of what heaven really is.”

Now, in just over a month, the Tauron center is again expected to draw in the masses with another religious-themed event: “Karol” the John Paul II Musical debuting February 25th.

The pop-rock musical will not just tell the story of Pope John Paul II, but the entire life of Karol Wojtyla and the surrounding events of the 20th century. It takes a look into the child, the poet, the philosopher, the actor, the athlete, and even the humorous side of the Polish pontiff: Anecdotes include the time some journalists asked about the state of his health and he responded, “I don’t know. I haven’t read the morning newspaper.” And another time when some Vatican prelates who had not yet fully mastered Polish mistakenly greeted the Pope saying, “How’s the dog?” and John Paul II responded barking.

The two hour spectacle will feature 40 singers, actors, and dancers, a laser show and multimedia projections of the Vatican, and a live band, including rock guitar, violin, and classical piano.

Seen above is the music video for one of the musical’s songs “Conversation With Her Son,” featuring the actress who plays Karol Wojtyla’s mother. The song is a ballad of the love of a mother for her young child, with the poetic message about the love of a mother that follows a son throughout his entire adult life. The song will appear in the opening scenes of the musical, portraying some of the joyful and touching moments of Wojtyla’s childhood with his mother.

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