The Pope Video: Do not be mannequins in the face of suffering


Holy Father urges us to see the people, listen to the people around us, and respond as Christ would

In late November, many of us were marveling over the fun and inventive ways that groups of people — even Carmelite sisters — could freeze in position and create a tableau of “mannequins” frozen place.

For February, Pope Francis uses the idea of mannequins in his monthly prayer intention, as he urges us not to stand still in the face of the suffering around us, but to become active. To see the people around us, listen to the people around us, and do what we can to respond to their needs. This is how we “pastor” each other.

Says His Holiness:

“We live in cities that throw up skyscrapers and shopping centers and strike big real estate deals … but they abandon a part of themselves to marginal settlements on the periphery

The result of this situation is that great sections of the population are excluded and marginalized: without a job, without options, without a way out.

Don’t abandon them. Pray with me for those who are weighed down, especially the poor, refugees and marginalized, that they might find welcome and support in our communities.”

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