Catholic and cool, faithful and fun: Aleteia 3.0 is about to launch!


Thanks to your positive feedback and loyal readership, we feel greatly encouraged in this mission…

Possibly you have noticed the banner on our site that says, “An all new Aleteia arrives tomorrow — completely refreshed.”

We’re excited about it.

The whole team at Aleteia is so appreciative of our readers, both those who have been with us since early days and all the newcomers who have discovered us in the last year or so, and who keep coming back, every day, to enrich their faith with Catholic news, features on our religious heritage, and the sort of lifestyle and information that helps all of us to integrate our faith into every facet of our lives.

That’s our goal, at Aleteia: we believe a Catholic life, fully lived, is a successful life. Thanks to your positive feedback and loyal readership, we feel greatly encouraged in this mission, and so we’re going to give you even more of what you have told us you want. More articles that help to enhance your spiritual growth! More relevant Church News and Heritage, more Lifestyle and information pieces, for women and for men — even Morning and Evening Prayer prompts — to help you be informed beyond the headlines; to be grounded in your faith amid so many distractions; to be inspired and encouraged when the days get tough.

We’ll be reading, and learning, and praying, right along with you, and in this way we hope that over the coming months Aleteia becomes not just another stop in your web surfing but a real community gathering place where you can seek out advice, read an inspiring testimony, better practice a devotion, grab something to share with your kids, or your Catechist, find an article Dad might appreciate, a recipe for those meatless Fridays or special holidays, and maybe grab a book for yourself or find music for your teen.

We’re really excited about our new design and our souped-up content; we can’t wait to share it with you, so keep your eyes peeled! Aleteia 3.0 is coming very soon!