Must-see Instagram photo series of a mom & her matching daughters (PHOTOS)

Dominique Davis, mother and Amelia and Penny. allthatisshe | Instagram

12 adorable photos from Dominique Davis that show what family, love, and happiness really look like.

In June 2016 mom and blogger Dominique Davis from England posted a picture on Instagram of herself with her two young daughters, 10-year-old Amelia and three-year old Penny, wearing matching striped shirts with their hair in identical updos. The adorable image quickly garnered 16,000 likes from her followers. From there the idea for a weekly project, aptly named All That Is Three, developed: the creation of a series of beautiful, natural, and extremely sweet snaps of mom and her mini-mes with dad on the other side of the camera lens—and it only takes around five minutes every Sunday!

Motherhood defined in 34 seconds (VIDEO)

Davis, who has a lifestyle blog called All That Is She, seems to capture the simplistic family lifestyle championed by the Danes: the art of hygge,‘ or coziness, where you take real pleasure in acknowledging each moment in life and making it meaningful. The photos are genuine, there’s no make-up, no expensive designer gear, just the most beautiful accessory of all: a smile … or the occasional funny grimace from little Penny. And Davis doesn’t only see this as a moment for mom and her daughters to bond, she has also managed to teach the girls some worthy life lessons:

Mom really is a role-model to look up to

This is the very first image in the collection. From it, moms can learn just how much our young daughters really admire us and want to be like us. And as moms we have to be responsible for passing on a positive body image. Dominique took the time to explain her thoughts on this tricky job: “I hope that this project teaches them [Amelia and Penny] to see that it doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like, or any other superficial traits, if you’re happy, having fun and have confidence in yourself and your own decisions, then that’s all that matters.” So when Dominique dressed three-year-old Penny in a classic striped top matching her own, Amelia appeared wearing one equally similar. The three girls laughed providing a perfect photo opportunity, and from there a family tradition was borne.

In our house, we wear stripes and top knots. #allthatisthree

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The joy in simplicity

This picture is so reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie, there’s so much to love! The linen long-sleeved dresses of yesteryear topped with a Swiss braid updo makes us want to run in the fields, gather flowers, and lie on a blanket with a good book. Totally hyggelicious

We're all feeling pretty happy in our new matching @sondeflor dresses. Of course, a simple smile for Penny wouldn't be funny enough, so this is what we got instead 😝 'It spins mammy; it spins!’ which for Penny is how the only way to determine if a dress is worthy to wear, or not. For Amelia and me, it’s all about the comfort and general coolness of wearing a soft linen dress, and alright, we may partake in the occasional spin too. Twinning at its very best for this weeks #allthatisthree

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We all get to sparkle

Although dressed in similar coats, with hair left down, the sparkles the girls and their mom are holding also tell us a different story: everybody has something in them that shines out, whether it’s a smile that hides a loving nature, or a cheeky grin that shows our mischievous side, we just need to nurture this.

2016, the year that #allthatisthree was born. What started as an unplanned, last minute shot of the girls and I wearing matching tops and topknots has turned into so much more. Thank you for all the likes, the comments, support and for your general amazingness this year. My resolutions this year are to be more organised (I already have my planner ready to go), stop picking my nails (a yearly resolution of mine 😂) and to create more #allthatisthree photos. Happy New Year! #whpresolutions

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The pleasures of the great outdoors

Being outside on a winter’s day can be exhilarating, but top your outing with that family favorite, the toasted marshmallow, it’s enough to make us burst with gratitude. (And you can’t help but love that Penny couldn’t resist a little bite mid-shoot!)

Temptation got the better of Penny 😂 #allthatisthree

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Share a hobby

Dominique said that the project has been a bonding experience in surprising ways: “Amelia now sees all the behind-the-scenes action into what it takes to create a good photograph – from the lighting, the camera, the ideas, to the final editing process. And now because of it, she has taken a keen interest in photography and will look for the beauty in the mundane.” And as for little Penny, well she “loves to entertain, so messing around in front of the camera and then being able to look back on all of her funny faces, really makes her giggle.” They try to live the motto: a family that plays together, grows together.

GIVEAWAY – Like mother, like daughter. It was only a matter of time before they both started picking up a camera too #allthatisthree These beautiful wooden cameras – Penny has a Pixie Camera and Amelia has a Flex Camera – are both by the wonderful @thetwigco. Their holiday sale is now on and runs until 2nd Dec, so to celebrate I've teamed up with them to offer you the chance to win a goodie box full of @thetwigco products worth $180/£140. The giveaway will include a Pixie camera, a Flex camera, a set of Tykography blocks, and a Droid robot. To enter: 1. Follow me (@allthatisshe) and @thetwigco 2. Tag as many friends as you like below in separate comments (every tag is an entry, so the more you tag the more chance you have of winning) Giveaway is international and I'll choose a winner on Thursday (01.12.16). Good luck!

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Ditch the screens

Dominique explained that, “Amelia is now at an age where the lure of the iPad and sitting in her room 24/7 is beginning to kick in, so it’s really hard as a mother to find the right balance.” Ah, that familiar issue so many of us have with our kids. “Yes, you want her to be able to relate to what her friends are doing, but on the other hand, we don’t want imagination, creativity and childhood being zapped away by an electronic device. These photos have been a great way to encourage her to put the iPad down, leave her bedroom, get together as a family and conjure up new ideas.” And looking at this atmospheric image it seems to be working:

My brain is like mush and I'm completely pooped after spending the day in London for the @boden_clothing Spring 2017 press day. Such a fantastic day spent with beautiful people, previewing a beautiful collection. I can't even think of a remotely humorous caption, so here's a dark and moody image of me and my girls at @thewelshhouse. Dominic reckons we look like a bunch of Vikings – what do you think? ⚒

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It’s great to act like a kid … with your kids

Sometimes with all the stresses of daily life we forget to just laugh. Yep, just stick a cut-out funny mouth on top of your own and you’ll be sure to remember that life doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously.

A picture can say a thousand words 😬. Monday morning dread is already kicking in #allthatisthree My full autumn capsule wardrobe is now live over on the blog. All of the 30 items I've chosen are listed and I explain why I'm taking a different approach when I build my future wardrobes. Link in bio.

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Guide your daughters along the right path

Whenever we take our children by the hand they place all their confidence in us to lead them to the right destination. Use this trust to show them the right path, and later in life if ever they stray they’ll know who to turn to.

Exploring the wonders of Bryn Eglur at @thewelshhouse. This place has amazed us from the moment we arrived. It's the perfect way to switch off from the world and just enjoy it ✨

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With age comes bigger responsibilities

As we get older greater things are expected of us, whether it’s learning to read alone, or learning how to change a tire; with the right encouragement we’ll get to achieve these expectations, and maybe even surpass them!

When the pumpkins imitate their owners. Two fresh, young, little ones and one that's slightly older, more weathered and with a few more wrinkles 🎃.

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Fruit is good for you!

A basic, but fundamental lesson: get good eating habits from the start. Although in this particular image extra bonus points for managing to keep those shirts whiter than white, which reminds us, moms are great at removing stains!

Daughter-melon 🍉 I have a new post up over on the blog tonight (link in bio) and it's an insight into why, now that our renovations are almost finished, I won't be running down the aisle in a hurry. #allthatisthree

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Read the way

Books, books, and more books, we know how beneficial it is to read to our kids and we can’t get enough of them for curious minds. OK, the girls might not be actually reading these more traditional volumes but just being around books and listening to mom read will pique a child’s interest.

School has officially started, so it's time to hit the books again. Amelia is starting year 6 and Penny has now started nursery – I'll cheer loud enough for the rest of you 😉 There's also a new 'What I Wore' post over on the blog tonight which includes some of my summer favourites. Link in bio. #allthatisthree

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Demonstrate to educate

How many kids get to play with their breakfast before it reaches the table? Here Dominique is showing the girls the crucial ingredient to a favorite family breakfast cereal, Weetabix. The different sized bushels of wheat are a great reminder of what wonders we can create from Mother Nature.

The biggest surprise from the project is in how social media can actually take us away from the digital world and remind us of all that is good in our lives. If you like Dominique’s work, take a look at her Instagram page, or have a look at her blog at All That Is She. Warning: they’ll be some serious styles you’ll just have to copy!

This is what happens when you tell your Weetabix-obsessed daughter that she's holding the magic ingredient that makes them. I better hold back on the information that it also makes pasta, crackers and bread too. It would just be too much excitement in one day 🙋🏼🌾#allthatisthree

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