Alanna Boudreau will light a fire in your heart


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I won’t light a fire if you don’t want to be seen. But I will abide, and my love remains free.

Alanna Boudreau reminds us all of the best part of Christian music as a genre: That it encompasses all genres. With lilting vocals and driving guitar rhythm, her cerebral Indi-Folk style is somewhat minimalist, while still producing a broad sound.

As a lyricist, this sophomore artist is already fully developed and aptly paints vivid scenes with a vocabulary that is a bit wider than most pop artists might attempt. She knows how to employ poetic elements and will often repeat a word or phrase several times, in emphasis to a point.

“Controlled Burn” is a catchy tune. One that serves as a good representation of Boudreau’s style. She performs her music with an earnest, almost frustrated yearning to explore all of life’s wonders. We can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

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–J-P Mauro





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