A mysterious note from a boy tells a story of heartbreak and forgiveness

Chrissy Marie via Facebook

She took to social media to find “Jake,” who said her wind chimes reminded him and his sister of their mother who had died.

Christina Reitz of Lakewood, Washington, says that she since her story went viral she has found “Jake,” the author of a note left on her door.

Reitz took to Facebook last week after finding a note from Jake, confessing to stealing a set of wind chimes decorated with butterflies because, he said, it reminded his sister of their mother who had died.

Included with the note was a $5 bill with the explanation, “I’m sorry. This is the only money I have. Please do not be mad.”

Reitz told a local Facebook group that she wanted to give Jake his money back, and give him his own wind chime as a reminder of the children’s mother.

According to a report on, Reitz said, “It’s not right that he stole, or his sister stole,” Reitz said. “I’m not sure which one it is, but he did try to make things right and I do forgive him. I’m not going to hold a grudge for a wind chime that was a dollar.”

Reitz said that she knew what it was like to lose a parent.

“I lost my mom when I was five and my dad just almost six years ago. It’s just hard at any age. People grieve in different ways,” she said.

She said that the family chooses to remain anonymous, but that they have been in touch and hope to meet in person soon.


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