Get swept away with Marie Miller’s ‘Lost at Sea’


This is one earworm we don’t mind getting stuck in our heads.

Marie Miller is back with a new album, Letterbox, and its third track, “Lost at Sea,” is perpetually playing through our heads. The arrangement is intimate: just a quartet of guitar, cello, upright bass, and Miller on the bouzouki, a Greek instrument that sounds like a deep, haunting mandolin.

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With a strong vocal, which we’ve come to expect of Miller, the love song questions whether losing yourself in a relationship can also cause you to become lost and disoriented. Her hook is emotional and catchy, while being surrounded by her talented friends only adds to the intimacy.

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Mini Bio:

Name: Marie Graciela Miller

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Current City: Washington, D.C.

Latest Album: Letterbox (2017)

Fun Fact: A lifelong musician, the multi-talented Miller is proficient in guitar, mandolin, piano and bouzouki. She has released 2 singles since her debut song “Cold” reached the Christian Music charts. In 2013, she released the single “You’re Not Alone,” which was downloaded over 100,000 times on Amazon. Her song “6’2,” featured at Cecilia Music, was also featured on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. In 2015, Marie played for Pope Francis along with an audience of 750,000 at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Song: Lost At Sea | Singer: Marie Miller

Marie Miller

Born in: Dallas, Texas (USA)

Lives in: Washington, DC

Latest Album: You Are Not Alone (2013)

Interesting Fact: She plays the mandolin, guitar, piano with the bouzouki, an instrument of Greek origin suitable for folk music. The single “You’re Not Alone” has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on Amazon. In September 2015, she sang for Pope Francis at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia, in front of 750,000 people.
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