“Ubi Caritas” as you have never heard it before


Audrey Assad puts a refreshing topspin on an ancient sacred piece

Audrey Assad brings new life to the Latin chant, “Ubi Caritas”. Off her 2016 album, Inheritance. Setting the words to a Celtic influenced melody was an inspired decision and serves the ancient text by entrancing the audience.

Assad’s style centers around her light, lilting voice and she fully understands how to build with each verse. The ambient noise as she starts her vocals slowly builds into a gentle string accompaniment that is eventually joined by a determined snare drum.

It’s refreshing to see a contemporary artist tackle the “Classics” of the Christian songbook. There was a time when every composer worth their salt would give their take on sacred music and we are so thankful that Audrey is keeping the tradition alive. We would love to hear this piece arranged for a treble choir.

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Mini Bio:

Name: Audrey Assad

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Current City: Nashville, TN

Latest Album: Inheritance (2016)

Fun Fact: Raised in Plymouth Brethren household. Audrey has been playing music since she was 2. She got her start in FL, later relocating to Nashville where she met Matt Maher, who took interest in her career and immersed her in performances. Her 2010 debut album reached 12 on the Billboard Christian Albums chart. A prolific songwriter, she has released 5 albums in as many years.



Song: Ubi Caritas | Singer: Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Latest Album: Inheritance

Curiosity: Audrey’s music resonates with so many because of her raw openness and honesty in everything she is facing: doubt, fear, depression. She often tells her audience that she writes her songs to preach to herself, knowing she needs it the most. Writing about her new record, Audrey said, “Making a record of hymns will be a way in which I can, once again, nail the stakes of my tent down a little deeper into the ground, arm my heart with words of life, and say to the black vacuum of unbelief, you will not have me.



Twitter: @audreyassad
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