Been missing Aleteia’s “Saint of the Day” feature? Hold on, it’s coming!

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We hear you, and we miss them too, but they’ll be here soon!

We’ve been getting emails, and Facebook messages, and even direct messages on Twitter, asking “Where is the Saint of the Day feature? I loved it!”

We love it, too. In fact, we think a Saint of the Day feature is a powerful way to evangelize and attract people to the Church. Sometimes, all it takes is one great image and a fascinating story — and our saints do fascinate — to ignite a spark of curiosity that can end up setting a heart on fire for the love of Christ, his saints and his Church.**

It’s because we know how much you like the Saint of the Day feature that we’re working to make it better — a more attractive and more shareable tool for evangelization and devotion. As part of Aleteia’s redesign, we are creating a veritable daily “spirituality package” of sorts for you, and it will include the Saint of the Day, prompts to Morning and Evening Prayer and more. We’re excited about it and believe you will be, too, and we’re just working to get all of the elements in place before we launch it, because we want to give you our best.

So keep your eyes peeled — it’s coming very soon!

**Saint Philip Neri, the great 16th-century reformer, advocated reading the lives of the saints every day for inspiration and instruction in the faith, because he understood their power. Saint Edith Stein read the autobiography of Teresa of Avila in a single night and upon finishing it, closed the book saying, “This is true.” She left atheism behind, eventually becoming a Carmelite nun and a martyr of Auschwitz.

Even in fiction it happens, as it does in Rachel’s Contrition, the serialized novel we’re currently running at Aleteia, and it rings perfectly true within the story because so many of us know people whose first encounter with St. Therese of Lisieux puzzled them enough to read The Story of a Soul and find their lives changed, forever.