George Clooney makes an 87-year-old’s dream come true

Linda Jones | Facebook
George Clooney surprised 87-year-old Pat Adams.

The actor and expectant father didn’t tell anyone about his plans to visit the senior living center.

Being a celebrity means having the unique ability to bring unforgettable joy and exhilaration to a fan, simply by acknowledging them on a personal level. So of course, we can’t help but be touched when a star goes out of his or her way to make a special appearance in the everyday life of a fan.

Over the weekend, George Clooney was generous enough to do just that for 87-year-old Pat Adams at her nursing home in Berkshire, England. According to the BBC, Pat is a resident at the Sunrise of Sonning senior living center, which isn’t far from where Clooney lives with his wife, Amal. Knowing that Pat adores Clooney, the center’s staff wrote him a letter asking if he’d be able to stop by sometime to see her.

The Oscar winner acquiesced, and, adorably, went a step further by showing up within days of Pat’s birthday, even bringing flowers and a card, according to a Facebook post by the center’s concierge. “A dream came true for one of our residents today!” her enthusiastic caption read. Apparently, Clooney’s visit was a pleasant surprise to everyone at Sunrise of Sonning, since he didn’t let anyone in on his plans.

As someone who’s in such high demand, it’s moving that Clooney made time in his busy schedule to add joy to a stranger’s life. It’s easy to think of celebrities in terms of the fame, fortune and luxury surrounding them. We’re not likely to associate them with kindheartedness or generosity when we generally picture them strutting the red carpet. Clooney’s visit to Pat, however, refreshingly reminds us of the human side of stars, complete with emotions like empathy, and an innate desire to love and be loved.

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