‘Jesus’: A light that overwhelms the darkness


Chris Tomlin brings us a song of praise and worship.

Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus,” off his 2016 album Never Lose Sight, is a prime example of contemporary worship music. Tomlin approaches the song with the steady hand of a lifelong Christian artist who knows how to arrange a song meant for prayer.

The melody is simple, the chorus uses a repetitive motive as a chant, and the lyrics are a praising prayer to the Lord. It doesn’t have to be complex to serve the purpose of prayer, and Tomlin does an exceptional job of keeping our minds on the message with a broad, rocking accompaniment.

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Song: Jesus | Singer: Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

Hometown: Grand Saline, TX

Current City: Austin, TX

Latest Album: Never Lose Sight (2016)

Fun Fact: Active as a musician since 1993, Tomlin has been putting out Christian music of a consistent quality ever since. He has a close-knit band with whom he writes his music. He has won one Grammy and 22 GMA Dove Awards.


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