Hollyn brings Hip-Hop to Christian music


“Alone” explores the loss of faith in the secular world.

“I can be a little punk sometimes.”

This is the attitude that Hollyn brings to her new style of Christian pop. “Alone,” off her brand new album One-Way Conversations, blurs the line between pop and hard rock. Her easy R&B voice can switch easily between the melismatic verses and the intensity required of the chorus.

The lyrics speak of how easy it is to lose sight of your faith in the world today. This must be especially hard for Christian artists like Hollyn and TRU who are trying to break into the Hip-Hop industry, which has been traditionally secular. TRU’s rap verse, clever in its rhymes, offers a second artist’s perspective on the subject:

Man if I’m not talking ‘bout the newest Nikes or releases
They put the mute on me. I can’t speak about my Jesus?

Hollyn’s first full-length album is quite impressive. She has a modern style that is very attractive to the ear and can compete with any of the secular artists like Rihanna or Drake. Hollyn’s work evangelizes both sides of the aisle, bringing Hip-Hop fans closer to Christian music, while bringing Christians to Hip-Hop.

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Song: Alone | Singer: Hollyn


Name: Hollyn

Hometown: Waverly, Ohio

Latest Album: One-Way Conversations

Curiosity: Hollyn started her recording career after her appearance on season 12 of American Idol. Now the newest signee to TobyMac’s Gotee records, she was featured on two tracks of his Grammy-nominated album This is Not a Test: “Backseat Driver” and “Lights Shine Bright.” She released her first full album, One-Way Conversations, in February, 2017. It peaked at number 6 on Billboard's chart of Christian Artists. 


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