Take a virtual tour of ancient Rome


Free online course lets you walk through the streets as if it were the year 315.

It might be the closest you can get to ancient Rome, short of time travel. The University of Reading has created the most detailed digital model of ancient Rome ever made, according to a report in The Guardian, and it’s free and open to everyone.

Classics professor Matthew Nicholls, who has been working on the model for over 10 years, is teaching the 5-week online class, which started on March 13, but which will be available again at a later date.

You’ll not only be able to check out the city’s must-see sites, like the Colosseum and the Forum (and watch the light change as the sun sets), but you can live like an older Roman making your way through the city’s sewer, alleys and narrow streets.



“Walking round the city at ground level rather than viewing it on a map is a very different experience,” Nicholls told The Guardian. “I keep getting lost!”


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