Aleteia’s “Saint of the Day” feature returns, and with bonus features!


You’ve been very patient. We hope it we are making it worth your wait…

Recently, in response to many inquiries wondering about it, I promised that our Saint of the Day feature would soon be restored “and we are creating a veritable daily “spirituality package” of sorts for you” that would include “prompts to Morning and Evening Prayer and more.”

Well, never let it be said we are not as good as our words. Right up top the page, where you see ALETEIA and the date, you can now click to find the saint of the day.

See where I circled? Press that, and voila! You are there:

And if you look to the right of our featured saint, — written by Silas Henderson, who also gives us our Saturday meditations on Sunday’s gospels — you will see a whole little “Daily Prayer” corner, which brings you Morning prayer, a daily meditation, and Evening Prayer, all courtesy of See where I have highlighted in white?

As they say in Brooklyn, “it’s a b’yootiful thing.” And — because the redesign of a site this large is a heady process — we may yet tinker a bit, here and there, so keep your eyes peeled! How do you feel about having the daily Gospel readings easily linked to in that little box?

And while I’m talking about what is “new and improved” at Aleteia, don’t forget to check out our “new, improved Photo of the Day” feature, which we’ve beefed up. You don’t just get a picture. You get a whole story.

And sometimes a pretty entertaining headline, too!