Chris Tomlin wants to go ‘Home’


In heaven and on earth

Artists who write songs about their life experiences will inevitably release one about going home. When they spend this much of their lives on the road moving from venue to venue, who can blame them? Chris Tomlin’s take on this accessible sentiment, however, can be as much about returning to faith as returning to the safety of one’s abode.

Tomlin is very adept at creating arena-worthy faith anthems. Had there been no music video, the image in our minds would be of thousands of faithful, hands raised and singing along.

Rather than being exploratory, his lyrics recite the truths of faith and speak of the comfort derived from returning to God. It’s a little early in the week to sing along with the Hallelujahs, but this one will make great Easter morning music:

Blinded eyes
Will finally see
The dead will rise
On the shores of eternity
The trump will sound
The angels will sing
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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Song: Home | Singer: Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

Hometown: Grand Saline, TX

Current City: Austin, TX

Latest Album: Never Lose Sight (2016)

Fun Fact: Active as a musician since 1993, Tomlin has been putting out Christian music of a consistent quality ever since. He has a close-knit band with whom he writes his music. He has won one Grammy and 22 GMA Dove Awards.


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