Greg&Lizzy team with The Vigil Project to bring us great worship music


Add “Lord Have Mercy” to your prayer playlist.

The Vigil Project is producing high quality worship music for the holy seasons of the Christian calendar. In their first series, they produced 7 songs and a few reflective videos for Lent and Easter, while their second series focused on Advent and Christmas, with another 7 songs and more.

The group of musicians and technical staff offer their music free of charge, but encourage private donations, which are the only means of support for the project. Their mission statement is commendable and humble:

As artists, we believe in the universal power of true beauty to change the world. As Christians, we believe everyone on the planet deserves the opportunity to encounter the Gospel in an attractive and compelling way … lifelong believers and those who have never heard the name of Jesus alike. As a community, we believe all of this should be offered free of charge as a gift to anyone who wishes to receive it. This is our mission, and we need your help to accomplish it.

“Lord Have Mercy” is one of the tracks from their first series. Written and performed by Greg and Lizzy, along with the Vigil Project team, it takes ideas from Psalm 51 and sets them to meditative tones. They do a good job of creating an atmosphere for deep prayer and an authentic encounter with God.

Song: Lord Have Mercy | Singer: The Vigil Project ft. Greg&Lizzy

The Vigil Project ft. Greg&Lizzy

Name: The Vigil Project

About: The Vigil Project is a unique collaboration, bringing together Catholic artists, musicians, and filmmakers, including Andrea Thomas, Greg&Lizzy, John Finch, Loyd Reives, Shawn Williams, Kevin Terry, Dan Johnson, Jon Weiss, and Siobhan Whipp. Together they have produced a series of seven songs and videos, inviting you to experience a new way of praying this Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.

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