‘This My Inheritance’ will please you


All Sons and Daughters can really rock a hymn.

“All praise be to God, Always, now and forever!”

All Sons and Daughters’ “This My Inheritance” is a rocking hymn with triumphant verse and an easy chorus. The addition of a choir in the refrain works perfectly and builds the song well.

We wouldn’t be surprised if we found this song in a hymnal, and it would probably sound just as good with a more intimate arrangement of piano or organ with a church choir or even just parishioners.

So sit back and enjoy this lovely music video full of scenic shots of Rome and the Vatican.

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Song: This My Inheritance | Singer: All Sons & Daughters

All Sons & Daughters

Members: David Leonard & Leslie Jordan

Latest Album: Poets & Saints

City: Franklin, Tennessee

Curiosities: Singing duo All Sons & Daughters combine modern folk stylings with a message meant to connect the broken with God. For their fourth album, Leonard and Jordan decided to “crack open an ancient door and give ear to the songs and hymns of ages past, words upon which the faith was built,” drawing from the great Christian poets and saints.


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