Scott Mulvahill is the complete package with Virtuoso on the bass


With an altogether unique act

We fell in love with the styling of Scott Mulvahill as soon as this track started. Alone with his upright bass, Mulvahill has a unique act that combines virtuoso level bass work and a strong, accessible pop vocal.

What impressed us most was the way he plays the bass as a percussive instrument, knocking or slapping on the wooden surfaces to emit an almost bongo-drum sound. His arrangement of “Himalayas” is quite skillful, keeping the listener captive with jazzy licks and quick switches between plucking and bowing the thick strings.

Mulvahill’s songwriting has received honors from the International Songwriting Competition, John Lennon Songwriting Contest and American Songwriter Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Contest. He has worked as a studio musician on the albums of various artists and has performed with Allison Krauss, Bary Gibb, Bruce Hornsby, Peter Frampton and more.

A testament to his skill on the bass, Scott is currently touring with Ricky Scaggs’ legendary bluegrass band, Kentucky Thunder. He has held the position for three years. Kentucky Thunder also features him as a vocalist.

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Song: Himalayas | Singer: Scott Mulvahill

Scott Mulvahill

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current City: Nashville, TN

Latest Album: Share the Sky (2012)

Fun Fact: Scott Mulvahill didn't pick up a bass until his teenage years. His natural affinity for the instrument and music in general lead him to develop his skills as a vocalist, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter as well. He has played with many big names in the industry including Alison Krauss, Barry Gibb, Bruce Hornsby and more. Currently he is the bassist for Ricky Scaggs virtuosic bluegrass band Kentucky Lightning.


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