Gentlemen, here’s how you tie the knot (VIDEO)


A charming new tutorial by Hermès gives a classic fashion lesson for life occasions big and small.

With changing fashions and companies relaxing their dress codes, the accessory that gives an instant touch of smart to any look is getting pushed to the back of our closets. For decades fathers taught their sons how to tie the perfect knot for school, work, or church — one of those rites of passage akin to shaving. But as the tie gets relegated strictly to office wear, so too has the art of actually being able to tie it.

So what do you do if you’re invited to a wedding this summer, a prom, or if you’re going for a job interview (where ties are generally welcomed)? Don’t leave it to the last minute to get your fingers in a twist. Take a look at the video below from French design giant Hermès, renowned worldwide for its luxury goods including its range of exquisite silk ties, and watch a dad give some advice to his son on how to master a simple tie knot. For those of you who have got it mastered already, why not try your dexterity on these other types of knots needed for certain types of shirts, to really add a sophisticated edge to your attire.

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