Encore: Anastasiya Petryshak is back with Bach


She performs Baroque music as aptly as Romantic.

Anastasiya Petryshak performs a classic Bach piece, “Air on the G String,” in a live concert at the Basilica Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, in 2015. There is a much different feel in the Baroque style of Bach from the Romantic Schubert we featured last week.

The Baroque style is much more rigid in tempo and articulation than the Romantic. The beat is driven by a harpsichord, with its plucked strings that give it the pizzicato sound, and the accompaniment plays chords with relatively little movement.

Petryshak’s perfomance is professional and precise. Like most musicians at her level, even though she has the music in front of her, she rarely refers to it. It is fun to watch her play, as she seems to lose herself in the music, bringing a young energy to this pensive air.

In her career she has played with some of the top names in the industry — Sofia Gubaidulina, Salvatore Accardo, Rocco Filippini, Gianluigi Gelmetti — as well as with Andrea Bocelli, who has had her solo with him since she was 15. According to Wikipedia she is a specialist in the use of antique Cremonese instruments including Stradivari, Amanti, Guarneri del Gesu and more.

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Song: Air on the G String - Bach | Singer: Anastasiya Petryshak

Anastasiya Petryshak

Hometown: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Fun Fact: Anastasiya Petryshak began studying music at the age of 5, with piano. As she developed she chose the violin as her focus. She debuted as a soloist at the age of 15. At age 17, she graduated from the Arrigo Boito Conservatory, in Parma, with highest marks. She has worked with many international artists since she got her start. In particular, she has been soloing for Andre Bocelli since she was 15.



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