A pop song written in one Holy Hour


Dana Catherine turns her personal prayers into music.

Dana Catherine has been on the music scene since her independently released debut album, Glorious Horizons, in 2015. Since then she has signed with Rekindle Records, but is still raising funds on her own for her new album as the grassroots company lacks the resources to create her second album.

“My Savior in Me” is the first single she has released for her pending untitled album. If the sound is any indication, this will be a very fun work when it’s finished. Catherine excels at creating a pop hook and her arrangements are quite a bit more complex than most sophomore artists would manage. Our favorite part was how the she worked melisma into the background voices to such a tight harmony that they sounded almost computerized.

In January we were blessed with the chance to interview Dana, in which she spoke of the inspiration behind “My Savior in Me”:

I ended up writing “My Savior in Me” on the drive home from leading a Praise & Worship Holy Hour one night. The song, lyrics, melody and all, suddenly came flooding into my mind, and I wrote it all down and put it to music right when I got home. It all happened so fast, so I knew it was definitely the Holy Spirit who was inspiring me.

At the time, I was thinking about how beautiful and powerful the Holy Hour had been, all of our voices singing to God as one. And I couldn’t help but think about how unworthy I am to be used by the Lord to help others draw closer to Him through music. I was sitting there praying, asking God why He would choose me, out of all the people He could choose from, to be His instrument to fulfill such a wonderful divine purpose. At that moment, I was just so in awe of the fact that God sees our brokenness and weaknesses, yet He looks past it all. In spite of our sinfulness, He uniquely calls each and every one of us to be lights that shine in the darkness and instruments of His love and truth.

With all of this in my heart, “My Savior in Me” became my prayer to God, asking Him to fill me with His grace so that, wherever I go and whomever I meet, others may truly see Christ in me.

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Song: My Savior in Me | Singer: Dana Catherine

Dana Catherine

City: Raleigh, NC

Latest Album: Glorious Horizons

Curiosities: Dana Catherine is a young Catholic singer/songwriter, youth minister, and speaker who travels across the US encouraging and inspiring with her songs and witness. Her sweet, soulful voice is often compared to those of Lauren Daigle and Francesca Battistelli. Her compelling melodies and lyrics reflect heartfelt prayer and her music invites the listener to a deeper trust in God.


Facebook: DanaCatherineMusic

Twitter: @danacatherine
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