Aleteia welcomes two new bloggers to the page

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Light-bearing Christophers (via Tony Rossi) pull up a berth right next to physician and history buff Tod Worner.

If you’ve been perusing our home page, you’ve noticed that it is fuller, offering content that ranges from Catholic News and Heritage items, to Lifestyle, Information and Entertainment, and that we’re now publishing throughout the day, so there is always something new to be discovered. In our “Aleteia Blogs” section, you’ll note that Deacon Greg Kandra — for too long our “lone blogger” with his ever-popular collection of “Headlines and Homilies” — has recently been joined by our Editor-at-Large, Elizabeth Scalia, who has revived her old blog “The Anchoress” for fun.

In the midst of all the redesigning, we are happy to announce the addition of two new blogs, Tod Worner’s “Catholic Thinking” and The Christophers’ “Light One Candle,” administered by the busy Tony Rossi.

These are particularly good fits for Aleteia: Tod Worner brings an ability to write on a broad range of issues with a distinctive perspective; as a physician he is able to address the world as it is, and as he has encountered it up close and personal, but as a bibliophile and history buff, he is also able to pull out something from the past that can help us to process the realities of the day, always with an eye toward the health of the soul.

The Christophers, on the other hand, have built their entire work on promoting what is good, and beautiful, and true within the world of news, sports and entertainment. Founded on the principal that “It is better to light one candle than curse the darkness,” all of their stories, podcasts, interviews, and publications — so ably and affably presented by Tony Rossi — bring the light. When the news has got you down, or you begin to wonder where all the good people have gone, hit the “Light One Candle” blog to be refreshed and reassured that there are a lot of good people in the world, being the light that the darkness cannot overcome.

Aleteia reports, and reminds, and reveals, and Aleteia blogs, too. We rejoice to be able to add Tod Worner and Tony Rossi, these two excellent writers, to our roster.

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