New Release: Cimorelli offers a message of hope to struggling teens


Pain is inevitable, misery is optional.

The sisters of Cimorelli are back with the title track of their newest album, Alive. Their second full-length album explores many good and bad aspects of life. In an interview with Miss O and Friends, the second oldest, Katherine, describes the work:

Alive is a collection of life songs. There is a lot of hope, positivity and a strong, uplifting message. There are songs about God, shame, addiction, keeping the faith in finding the right person, finding beauty in pain, and not giving up on life.”

“Alive” focuses on loneliness and emotional pain. These feelings can often lead one to frustration, but Cimorelli contends that these just as important as joy and love. They are all part of being “Alive.”

Cimorelli has written songs about feeling isolated or contemplating self-harm before. Today, with incidents of teen suicide broadcast over live-streams, and television shows focusing on the topic, teens need a role model that can lead them to hope. The Cimorelli sisters and their music may be exactly what a confused kid needs to turn away from the darkness of self-doubt and toward the light.

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Song: Alive | Singer: Cimorelli


Name: Cimorelli (Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Current City: Nashville, TN

Latest Album: Alive (2016)

Interesting Fact: The six Cimorelli sisters also have five brothers and the girls have an age difference of 9 years among them. The group’s first cover was Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” They continue to cover popular songs, but have also created quite a list of original songs too.


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Twitter: @Cimorelliband