Bread of Angels: Mirusia sings “Panis Angelicus”


With the “King of the Waltz” conducting

The Johann Strauss Orchestra was started in 1987 by conductor and violinist André Rieu. While it was merely 12 members strong at its inception, the group now consists of Rieu, soloists, and an orchestra of anywhere from 80 to 150 instrumentalists, depending on their venue. They are known for performing classical music while joking and engaging with the audience, which is very unorthodox for a symphonic concert. This relaxed atmosphere has been credited with the revival of the Waltz genre, in an era where interest in classical music has dwindled.

The soprano featured on this performance of César Franck’s “Panis Angelicus” is Mirusia Louwerse. Known as simply Mirusia in her native Australia, she became the youngest to ever win the Dame Joan Sutherland Opera Award in 2006. She has been working with Rieu since 2007 as his star soprano. In Australia, the famed singer is known as “The Unconventional Pop-Star” and “The Angel of Australia.”

André Rieu has been starting orchestral groups since 1978 when he began the Maastricht Salon Orchestra. Since 1987, his Johann Strauss Orchestra has released 58 live and studio albums and sold more than 30 million records worldwide. Since 2008 his world tours have generated more than $510 million. Rieu will be on tour in America later this year.

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Song: Panis Angelicus | Singer: André Rieu

André Rieu

Hometown: Maastricht, Netherlands

Current City: Maastricht, Neatherlands

Latest Album: Falling in Love (2016)

Fun Fact: André Rieu has pursued the waltz format since he was a violinist in university. With the personality of a rock-star and lively performances he has been credited with reviving the genre. He has been called the “King of Waltz” because of this.

In 1978 he started the Maastricht Salon Orchestra, and in 1987 he started his more successful Johann Strauss Orchestra, which is still producing albums today.


Facebook: Andre Rieu

Twitter: @Andrerieu
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