Nathan Pacheco’s operatic rendition of “Be Thou My Vision”


We’d love for him to be our cantor.

Nathan Pacheco sings a hymn from his album Higher. Performed in a church, the accompaniment is intimate with just a piano and cello. He brings his operatic style to the Irish tune. Pacheco cites Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli as his inspirations.

Pacheco spoke about his experience recording his new album in an interview with

“This album stands apart from others I’ve done. Those have come from the heart, but these songs are tapping into the deepest part of my heart. My belief in the Lord, my gratitude and devotion, have resulted in the creation of this album … one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.”

“Be Thou My Vision” is one of the oldest traditional hymns from Ireland. The text is a prayer attributed to early Christian poet, Saint Dallán Forgaill. His name, Dallán, means “little blind one,” a nickname he earned after he lost his sight from intense studying. “Be Thou My Vision” is most often sung to an anonymous Irish folk tune known as Slane.

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Song: Be Thou My Vision | Singer: Nathan Pacheco

Nathan Pacheco

Hometown: Virginia

Latest Album: Higher (2017)

Fun Fact: Nathan Pacheco got his start on the 2009 tour for “Yanni Voices”. He is currently signed to Disney Pearl, a sub-label of Walt Disney Records. Pacheco has released one album and 4 singles. The vocalist sings in multiple languages and plays piano and guitar.


Facebook: NathanPachecoMusic

Twitter: @nathanpacheco
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