Mexico’s Catholic singers join together


They ask for Love, Unity and Peace.

This song and video were produced by Rosario, Miracle for Mexico. The organization gathered the most famous Catholic Mexican singers and made this their theme song. Unfortunately, they did not credit every singer present, but it was written by Eva Garcia de Alba.

In their website, Rosario, Miracle for Mexico stated their mission:

Rosario, Miracle for Mexico is an invitation open to all Mexicans to be part of a movement that seeks to change the history and direction of our country. The goal of “Rosario, Milagro por México” is to leave aside our personal differences and make a call of union for all the aspirations that Mexicans do have in common: LOVE, UNION and PEACE.
We want this to be a good reason to begin, resume or continue the habit of the Rosary and the Christian virtues from love and charity.

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