Viral “blender” parenting hack is genius, but is it safe?


One tired parent’s ingenuity is going viral on the internet and is garnering very strong opinions.

When a parent recently shared a video of their baby sound asleep in a bouncer it seemed pretty sweet — we just love content little babies having a snooze. But look closer and you’ll see the imaginative parent has attached a piece of cloth to the bouncer and secured it to a KitchenAid blender that is plugged into the wall, turning gently, and rocking the bambino in its sleep. Seems pretty genius, and a far cry from looking to our smartphones for solutions. And better still it’s cheaper than buying the more expensive automatic bouncers, however we’re pretty sure it falls far from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommendations (CPSC).

And parents on Reddit are quick to point out their concerns too: “Yep, just picturing that thing flipping up and the baby falling into the mixer,” says one commenter. While another agrees with “This can go very wrong very fast.” But there is a lesson to be learned from this: in times of exhaustion (and don’t worry every parent has been there) reach out to others for help. And if you do come up with a creative solution to parenting please make sure it’s safe — and then share!

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