Yael Deckelbaum continues to wage peace with “This Land”


The “Prayer of the Mothers” Ensemble is back for the “Women Wage Peace” movement.

Yael Deckelbaum is a seasoned musician with 3 albums under her belt. Since winning “Best Young Singer-Songwriter in Isreal” at the age of 16, she has toured the world and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In 2015, she joined “Women Wage Peace,” a peaceful organization of women who protest the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and march for peace. Yael wrote “Prayer of the Mothers” and recorded it with members of WWP, which became the anthem for the cause and went viral.

Her new song “This Land” is recorded with the same group, now called “Prayer of the Mothers” Ensemble. The group describes themselves as:

A new boundary breaking all woman ensemble, uniting on one stage 14 secular, religious, Arabic, Christian and Jewish women, announcing together through a celebration of womanhood, the message of a new world.
A world where we learn to see the beauty of our diversity, unite above religions and nationalities and restore the forgotten values of humanity, authenticity, kindness, mutual responsibility and hope.

Deckelbaum took the group to the main stage of the Menashe Forest Festival on March 18th for their first performance. The group is hopeful that they can continue to spread their peaceful message of unity:

Yael: “There are good people in every culture, place, religion and nation, people who want to live in peace. My prayer is that we will learn to see beyond the differences and connect to the deep yearning that unifies us all, a yearning for a life of freedom and plenty. If we believe the current reality, we won’t be able to change it. It’s time to work together for change.”

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Song: This Land | Singer: Yael Deckelbaum & "Prayer of the Mothers" Ensemble

Yael Deckelbaum & "Prayer of the Mothers" Ensemble

Hometown: Tel Aviv, Isreal

Latest Album: Enosh (2015)

Fun Fact: At 16, Yael first prize as the best young singer-songwriter in Isreal. Since then, she has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including: Sir George Martin, Suzanne Vega, Chris Kornell, Bobby McFerrin and Matisyahu. In 2015 she found her calling as an activist and teamed with an organization called “Women Wage Peace”.
Her song “Prayer of the Mothers” became the call to action for the women's rights organization and went viral.


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