Police officers buy a new air conditioner for WWII vet


The lowest priority call can still be an emergency.

Officers William Margolis and Christopher Weir are being recognized for going out of their way to help an elderly man on a hot day.

When 95-year-old Julius Hatley woke up to find his AC unit had broken down, the veteran called 911 for help. The officers explained that even though this is considered the “lowest priority” call, after entering the 85 degree house, they knew it was still an emergency.

Fox News reports that after examining the broken unit the officers decided they needed to help.

“I talked to my partner and I talked to the gentleman and said, ‘Look, we’re going to help you out. I’ll be back in just a little bit. I promise you.’” Margolis said.

The officers went to Home Depot to buy Hatley a new AC unit. Officer Weir snapped a photo of his partner at the checkout counter.

The officers returned to the house and installed the unit for Hatley, who was thrilled with the help.

Weir’s wife shared the photo on social media and the story spread. The officers, who were not looking for recognition, lay the blame on Mrs. Weir for all the media attention.

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