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5 Mistakes to avoid for a successful bachelorette party

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It’s not about organizing original activities, but about a true celebration of friendship.

Some bachelorette parties can be really tacky. Fortunately, the concept of a bachelorette party has evolved over the last few years. It’s no longer just an opportunity to embarrass the bride-to-be. Instead, it’s about getting together as friends to have fun, relax, share some laughs, and have meaningful conversations. What does it take to organize a successful party? Keep in mind the purpose of a bachelorette party: to celebrate your friendship with the bride-to-be and to make her happy. This means knowing what she likes and what will make her feel loved. Here are some mistakes to avoid when planning a memorable party.

Mistake 1: Doing what you want instead of what the bride-to-be would want

A bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to show the bride-to-be that you know her and love her. Is she shy and reserved? Don’t even think about making her parade down the street in a ridiculous costume. You may be rolling on the floor laughing, but it will be the worst day of her life.

Mistake 2: Ignoring the bride-to-be’s preferences

You want to plan a party that the future bride will really enjoy. Find out what she likes and what’s fun for her. Does she love good food? Make a reservation at a great restaurant. Rest and relaxation? Go for the spa. Adventure? A night out in a cabin or yurt. Sports? Rent bicycles, boats, a tennis court … Extreme experiences? Go parachuting! Respect your friend’s preferences and plan the activities accordingly.

Mistake 3: Inviting too many or too few guests

It can be challenging to decide whom to invite to a bachelorette party. It’s hard to determine who is close enough to the bride-to-be to receive an invitation and who is not. You want to avoid offending people or causing bitterness. In case of doubt, enlist an ally: the groom-to-be! You can also ask the bride to make a guest list for the party. The event won’t be as much of a surprise this way, but you might save some hurt feelings.

Mistake 4: Forgetting to keep the groom in the loop

Setting a date, creating diversions, keeping the bride-to-be in her apartment … To ensure a successfully executed surprise, you’ll need the help of her future husband. And above all, don’t forget to tell him the date. If he’s planning a romantic outing on the same day you’ve managed to get 10 of her best friends together, all coming from far away for the occasion … you’ll have a difficult situation on your hands!

Mistake 5: Breaking the bank

You might have set a budget, but when you add up the cost of all the activities, you’ve blown right through it. If this happens, it’s possible that your friends won’t be able to afford to participate. Keep your expenses down by revising your plan: choose camping instead of a hotel, only one spa treatment instead of three, cancel the cooking class …

However you organize the party, make friendship the focal point. Have fun together. Make the most of this opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be and the start of a new chapter in her life.

This article was originally published in the French Edition of Aleteia.

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