Check out the amazing way this 20-year-old helps the elderly (VIDEO)


It doesn’t take much to transform lives, just a little creativity and generosity.

Studies show that over half a million elderly people in the UK leave their homes only once a week or less. When they do get to leave their caregiving setup, it’s often by car, which means that they never really get to experience being outdoors. Until now.

This 20-year-old named Fraser is taking the elderly out of their care homes for cycle rides so that they can experience the sun and trees again. “It’s such a change to get out of those four walls,” Mary, one of the nursing home residents, said. “I really enjoy it. The fresh air and the wind in your hair. It’s just amazing.”

Fraser says that he can see the positive impact this has made on some of the residents, like Mary. “You know she lights up when we come into the care home,” he said. “I think projects like this can make society better.”

Fraser has taken more than 60 people out from the same center on these literal joy rides, but he hopes to extend the program throughout Scotland.

You can watch more below:


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