How hugs can improve your health

Man and Woman Hugging

Find out four ways that sharing hugs frequently can improve our physical and mental health.

If you’re not a hugger, you should consider becoming one. Studies show that physical contact is an important factor in one’s physical and emotional wellbeing, not just in the early stages of development but through the entire lifespan. For infants, physical contact is their first language, so they, in particular, are in need of constant physical and emotional attention.

Unfortunately, our society generally associates physical interaction with sexual suggestion, and, as a result, even non-sexual interactions are deemed inappropriate. This means that, on the whole, we don’t touch each other very often. As age increases, the amount of physical affection we receive decreases; the elderly are often the least touched of any age group.

But, according to science, we should think about backtracking and making physical contact with each other more frequent and normalized. It might end up improving health for all of us.

Watch the video below to find out four benefits of hugging.


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