How big should an engagement ring really be?

Engagement Ring

Twitter commenters erupt over suggestion that simple rings are bad.

Last week, when a Twitter user mocked an acquaintance’s engagement ring for being a small, simple design, her followers reacted intensely, to say the least. Thousands of people commented on the insensitivity of the commenter’s tweet, which, according to Fox News, read, “Imagine finally being proposed to & this is the ring you’re given” followed by a series of crying emojis.

While it’s certainly heartwarming that so many individuals adamantly defended more simple engagement rings, it’s upsetting that something meant to symbolize love and commitment frequently draws criticism. As a culture, we tend to make snap judgments of things without considering their deeper value. A ring that strikes some people as small or boring might actually take on a whole new meaning if they knew how hard someone has worked to attain it.

At the same time, there are plenty of couples who, although they can afford an extravagant ring, opt to put the money toward something else and instead choose a small design or even no ring at all.

Whatever the case, every couple is unique and what their engagement ring – or lack thereof – represents is something only they can truly appreciate. Of course, we all have different preferences and it’s not wrong to dislike someone’s ring. It’s one thing, however, to simply prefer something else and quite another to belittle their choice, deeming the ring insignificant.

One thing’s for sure: the amount of authentic love and joy that a couple experiences is in no way determined by the size of the engagement ring. So instead of judging their choice in jewelry, we should be hoping and praying for them to be full of joy and peace as they prepare for marriage.

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