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The music of a Catholic marriage in the secular world


Mienmiuaif is the way a child might transcribe “me and my wife.”

Mienmiuaif is an Italian band that was started by Giuseppe and Anita, just 7 months after they became man and wife. The band is a celebration of their love and marriage, which they often describe in Chestertonian fashion as a “last-blooded duel.” As they explain on Facebook, they took their name from the way a child might transcribe the phrase, “me and my wife.”

They released their first EP, Quando Saremo Piccoli (When We Are Small), in June, 2017. However the couple has continued to write in prolific fashion, and released “Medjugorje” as a single in August. At this rate they’ll have another album’s worth of songs out sometime time next year.

The title “Medjugorje” refers to a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina which has been the site of ongoing Marian apparitions since 1981.

The apparition known as Our Lady of Medjugorje is not yet approved by the church, but the faithful are still able to make pilgrimages to the site. This video was shot in Medjugorje during their annual Festival dei Giovani, a Catholic youth festival.

As a musical group, the team’s songs explore the daily life of a married couple living in an increasingly secular and post-modern world. Mienmiuaif take their faith seriously and communicate the wonder and value of marriage through their music.

In an interview with Martina Bottaro, the couple spoke about their relationship with God, and where it fits into their music:

God and faith in your songs. What relationship do you have with Him? “Who do you think I am?”

In our songs God and faith are present spontaneously. We talk about why they are part of our lives, they are essential. Sometimes there are more direct references, sometimes less. It is not that we should name God, but [are not] afraid to enter the subject. Jesus, Mary and the Saints are taboo subjects: if one speaks of a deity, of an energy, it is more acceptable.

But we do not believe in a vague being, in a “god spray,” as Pope Francis once called it. We believe in the God of the Gospel because it is He who has saved us, who has changed our lives in a difficult time, little more than five years ago.

The encounter with Christ has determined our story, our marriage, is something which can not be out of the way we express ourselves, even at the musical level.

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Song: Medjugorje | Singer: Mienmiuaif


Hometown: Arzignano, Italy

Latest Album: Quando Saremo Piccoli (When We Are Small) 2017

Fun Fact: Also known as the “Duo with the ring” Mienmiuaif began working as a band in June, 2014, about 7 months after their marriage. They have doubled in size, adding a guitarist and bassist to the mix, but the happy couple is the brains behind the project. They are a popular wedding-band I their area and released their first EP in 2017.


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