The amazing way dogs can save people from life-threatening seizures


Janaye’s dog “Colt” is a lot more to her than a companion.

Most people know about service dogs to assist those with visual or hearing impairments, but what you might not know is that service dogs can also help people with mental illnesses, autism, diabetes, and, in this case, seizures.

After suffering severe head trauma in 2012, Janaye can’t afford another close call. One more injury to the head could prove fatal, but, thankfully, Colt is here to help. Colt, her “seizure dog,” protects her during a seizure episode by lying down and nudging his own head between Janaye’s head and the floor, potentially saving her life.

The relationship between Janaye and Colt is truly a life-changing (and life-saving) friendship, but many in the general population are unaware of the wide variety of problems with which a service dog can assist. Depending on the needs of its owner, a seizure dog can protect its owner from a fall, redirect a fall so that its owner doesn’t fall onto stairs or into glass, alert another person or caretaker, and fetch a phone or medication. Truly, these skilled canines are much more than “man’s best friend.”

In the video below, you can watch how Janaye checks Colt’s reflexes by pretending to have a seizure.