This family gave their dad the gift of seeing in color! (VIDEO)


See his emotional reaction when he experiences color for the first time.

Bodybuilder William Reed has always rocked the tough guy persona, but even he couldn’t help but cry upon seeing the world in color for the first time. William was born with a type of color blindness that causes all colors to blend together into mud-like hues.

But then, for his 66th birthday, William’s sister Paula had the idea to buy him Enchroma glasses, which correct red-green color blindness, allowing him to see colors properly for the first time. With the whole family — including William’s sister, wife, and daughters — chipping in, they pulled it off. When he put them on for the first time, he was overcome with emotion, surprising even his own family. “He has a very hard tough outer shell so for him to break down and cry and get emotional was pretty emotional to me and my girls,” his wife, Pam, says.

The family is already planning trips to Letchworth State Park and a special anniversary getaway so William can watch the leaves change for the first time.

Watch his reaction in the video above.

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