This abused dog was afraid of people … until baby Archie came along (PHOTOS)

Baby and Rescue Dog

Check out these adorable Instagram snaps for a glimpse at the two best buddies in action (and inaction).

Babies possess the purest qualities, like openness and vulnerability, that naturally put us at ease and make us feel comfortable being our truest selves, walls down and all. What’s more, little ones have this effect not just on human beings, but on animals as well, as evidenced by the beautiful relationship between an English pointer named Nora and a baby called Archie.

Nora was badly abused by her original owners before being rescued and taken to a shelter, according to The Sun. Eventually, she was adopted by a loving family, but remained quite fearful of people because of her bad past experiences. It wasn’t until the family’s third child, Archie, was born that Nora finally warmed up to a human. According to Archie’s mom, Elizabeth Spence, Nora is nervous around just about everyone — except Archie.

The heartwarming relationship between the two is proof that the defenselessness of little babies can make even the most timid among us feel comfortable. Check out some of the images below to witness the sweet duo’s coziness.

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