VOCES8 displays the beauty of choral perfection


These 8 young singers are keeping the medieval tradition alive.

In a world steeped in secular music there is a group of young singers keeping the ancient tradition of sacred choral music alive with absolutely gorgeous choral performances like this. VOCES8 has been producing these wonderful recordings for over a decade now, and there seems to be no ceiling on their growth as musicians.

Here we have “Beati Quorum Via,” composed by Charles Villers Stanford. This setting of Psalm 119 was the last of his Three Latin Motets, published in 1905. The work was written in the medieval style at a time when composers were beginning to draw away from polyphony and toward the atonal styles of Schoenberg.

The cascading vocal movements entrance the listener from the beginning and flow with great attention to dynamics and the reverence that this work is due. As always, the eight members of VOCES8 create a broad sound, aided by the high ceilings of the Gresham Center, which is baffling for a group that small.

We continue to be incredibly impressed by VOCES8. The group is helping to revive a sacred art form, one which still has so much value in music and prayer. We thank them for their efforts and eagerly await their next release.

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Song: Beati Quorum Via | Singer: Voces8


Hometown: London, England

Latest Album: Winter (2016)

Fun Fact: An a cappella group from the UK who sings everything from Renaissance choral motets to rearranged modern pop hits. Originally formed in 2005, the group made it's name on their way to a competition and it has stuck for more than a decade. They went professional in 2007 and have released 17 albums of classical and modern music



Twitter: @VOCES8
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