Polish government runs ads urging citizens to “breed like rabbits”


The campaign takes aim at the country’s decreasing fertility rate

In an effort to increase their country’s low fertility rate, the Polish government has invested in an ad campaign to get its citizens to be more like rabbits.

The ad features a talking rabbit who tells viewers about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating, and a stress-free lifestyle and says “If you ever want to be a parent, follow the example of rabbits.” Lest anyone miss the point, a human couple enjoying a romantic picnic appears briefly at the end of the ad.

The mostly Catholic country’s birth rate was 1.32 children per woman in 2015 – that’s the second lowest in Europe (Portugal had the lowest rate at 1.31). The replacement rate requires an average of 2.1 children per woman.

In a statement to the press, the health ministry of Poland said that it was seeking to raise public awareness of the issue in a way that “did not offend anyone and was not vulgar.”




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