This vending machine dispenses free essentials for the homeless


More are being planned for the US and the UK in 2018!

The group Action Hunger isn’t just another charity for the homeless. Their innovative approach is making use of vending machines that support the work of shelters around London by supplying people in need with basic necessities free of charge.

Using a key card, any homeless person in need can access the machines up to three times a day. The much-needed essentials include water, socks, sanitary towels, food, and other toiletries. The machines themselves are stocked by volunteers, but, according to their website, “a considerable amount of food we vend is received from redistribution organizations seeking to reduce food waste.”

Free Vending Machine Provides Essentials For The Homeless

We need more of this.

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An important benefit of this approach is that those in need are able to access these necessities at any hour, without being limited by the operating hours of local shelters.

These vending machines are already providing many vulnerable people with basic needs, and hopefully we’ll be able in the U.S. next year as well.

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