Why kids have the right to online privacy (VIDEO)


A new campaign seeks to make parents more aware of the dangers of posting about their kids online.

In the age of social media, privacy sometimes seems more a construct than a reality, but each person still maintains the right to engage or not engage with the internet, right? Well, not everyone.

The most vulnerable population of our society possesses no control over what photos or intimate details of them are shared online — kids. It’s become commonplace for parents to post updates on their children as they grow up, like their first steps, potty training, and more. In fact, the majority of parents will have posted 1,500 photos of their child before their child turns 5 years old.

And often these photos can be compromising. What many parents don’t realize is that one problem with posting photos of their kids online is that it makes them vulnerable to sexual predators.

A new video from the Child Rescue Coalition is seeking to raise awareness of this issue and to inform parents who may be unknowingly making their children vulnerable to sex offenders. The #PrivacyPlease campaign calls for a “hashtag takeover” to raise awareness and protect kids’ safety online.

Watch the video above to learn more, and check out the campaign here.

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