Is self-help for Christians too? This survey shows the most common ways it is practiced today


Is there something you do regularly to improve your life?

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“Self-care,” the latest buzzword coming out of the “wellness industrial complex,” describes the way in which people seek to intentionally make themselves feel better, both mentally and physically. While it sometimes carries selfish connotations with its admonitions to “treat yo self” and tend to one’s own well-being before taking care of others, many have found that self-care is part and parcel of pursuing an active spiritual life.

A recent survey shows that among Americans who identify as “Christian and/or spiritual” going outdoors is their top method of practicing self-care.

According to a recent Barna poll, one in four Christians or “spiritual” adults spend time in nature to help aid reflection. Second to the great outdoors, is reading books on spiritual topics.

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