Redheads have these 4 superpowers


Science shows there are many benefits to being a “ginger.”

As far back as the ancient world, redheads have been the subject of cultural myths and legends. Some believed gingers were of poor character, others that their hair of fire was a message from the gods. Even today, gingers are known for their fiery personalities and quick temper, no matter how superstitious or unfair that might seem.

Modern science has shown, however, that there are genetic benefits to having red hair. In her new book The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red, Erin La Rosa identifies the manifold benefits to having naturally red hair. These are the four superpowers of gingers:

  1. Due to the MC1R gene (which gives gingers their fiery hair color), redheads can endure more pain than non-redheads.
  2. According to a study out of the University of Louisville, gingers require 20 percent more general anesthesia. This means that gingers are more resilient people.
  3. Another study from the same university found that gingers are more sensitive to temperature changes, making them more able to predict seasonal changes.
  4. Thanks to their MC1R gene mutation, their bodies can produce more vitamin D in a shorter period of time; therefore, they require less exposure to it.

If you’re ginger yourself or know a ginger, stand tall and show off those superpowers.