How to fund yourself when you want to start a mission-oriented job


These entrepreneurs came up with a creative way to fund the ministry they love.

Whether it’s ministry, charity work, or another low-paying job, it’s difficult to know how to follow your dreams to be a world-changer when money seems like an obstacle. Tony Vasinda and Michael Marchand know this well and have turned to an old solution to keep their ministry going.

Founders of ProjectYM Vasinda and Marchand needed a way to fund the ministry they love, so they co-founded Catholic Balm Co., a company that sells Catholic-themed beard ointment and accessories. After a successful trial run at one of their speaking engagements, they launched their business. Their entrepreneurship and ministry now allows them to serve, to inspire, and do what they love.

The tag-team of ministry and entrepreneurship has a long history in the Church, stretching back to the first apostles, so if you’re searching for a way to fund that mission-based project you’ve been wanting to launch, you may find some inspiration in these men. You can learn more about their story here.

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