Trouble relaxing? These words from Jean Vanier will inspire you


You should never feel guilty setting aside necessary time for rest.

In a society that values productivity and utilitarianism over everything else, we can all feel the pressure to go-go-go all the time. Being busy is lauded as a virtue, and that can make a lot of us feel anxious that we are never getting enough done.

However, according to Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche, we would benefit from learning the discipline of rest. If that sounds strange to you, take a look at the quote below and let his words inspire you to take care fo yourself in a new way:

“It seems strange to say that we have to be disciplined in rest, relaxation and nourishment. So often discipline is equated with work and relaxation to ‘no discipline.’ If we eat things that make us sick or unable to function well, we are lacking discipline. If we do not choose the nourishment we need or do not get sufficient sleep, we are lacking discipline. We all need a sabbath day, a day in the week when we allow ourselves to be refreshed and reborn; a day when we spend more time in prayer or a day when we seek more solitude.”

We serve others best when we acknowledge our own needs. What new habits can you develop to make sure you’re nourishing your body, mind, and soul?

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