Wisconsin residents are spreading kindness … with rocks!


A simple and inexpensive way to spread kindness creatively.

You’re walking alone down the street. It’s been a difficult day, and you can feel the weight of it with each step you take. But then you glance down, and something catches your eye. You bend down to pick it up. It’s a rock, smooth and flat, painted with bright colors and a message reading, “Smile.”

Small moments can turn a person’s day around, reminding us of all the good there is in the world. That’s why WiRocks is dedicated to a ministry of kindness, painting rocks with beautiful designs and leaving them for some lucky traveler to find.

Kindness rocks can be whatever you want them to be. You can paint images or designs or messages such as “you are loved” or “seize the day.”

This Wisconsin chapter was founded by Crystal Zagorski, but anyone can open a group anywhere. “We like to do them as a family and with friends,” she said.

Some people who find the rocks choose to keep them as personal reminders, but many people re-hide them somewhere else for another to find. On their Facebook page, it’s not uncommon to find multiple pictures of the same rocks posted again and again.

The yellow ones get googley eyes tomorrow. Then they'll be planted about town. #WIrocks #spreadjoy #WeArted #familyfuninWI #rockout #414rocks

Geplaatst door Crystal Key Zagorski op Vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

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