15 Celebrities who are showing us how to welcome people with special needs


These men and women have shone a positive light on their extra special kids.

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In light of Down Syndrome Awareness month, we want to highlight 15 men and women who’ve used their celebrity as a platform to raise awareness of their own children’s special needs. We don’t often think about celebrities being “normal” moms and dads, but parenthood isn’t always easy for them either, especially when they have to try and shield their children from the public eye.

Yet these famous individuals have decided to speak publicly about their childrens’ special needs, champion their causes, and celebrate their lives. They’ve lent their support, experience, and fame to raise funds to help other children and families who may be in need. A lot of them have also shone a positive light on their childrens’ conditions, demonstrating that while their kids may have particular needs or differences, they are very much a blessing to their families and to the wider community.

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